My name is Marie. Together with my husband, Adam, I started Moonboon. We produce baby accessories made out of fine organic materials that are sustainably made.

Our designs are inspired by the moon, nighttime, deep sleep, sweet dreams, and adventures. For us, the moon symbolizes sleep while Boon, which means a blessing or a benefit, encapsulates all that is good in life.

I was inspired to establish Moonboon when I became a mother myself. All of our products are created out of the greatest love for our young ones. I hope that you can feel the love.


I want to take good care of the environment. That is why Moonboon’s products are made of organic materials that are sustainably made. For example, the mattresses in our baby hammocks are filled with kapok, a natural fiber that is hypoallergenic. All of our textiles are organic. You can therefore always be sure that Moonboon products are natural and produced without the use of chemicals.

This has enabled us to receive GOTS certification.


A GOTS certification is more than a guarantee that everything is organic. The label is also proof that our products are produced under responsible working conditions.

I am proud that Moonboon fulfills the many criteria required by GOTS certification. This means that sustainability is an integral part of every phase from manufacturing to production, to packaging, labelling, trade, and freight. For me, it is essential that Moonboon takes responsibility socially and environmentally.


Right from the start, creating high quality products has been my ambition. I have dedicated a lot of time and energy to the development process, from the first ideas to the finished product. This is why the design, development and testing take place in Denmark in collaboration with Danish specialists.

Laura Faurschou has designed the baby hammock motor in the clean shape typically associated with Scandinavian design and expert engineers at C.B. Svendsen in Kirke Værløse, Denmark have developed and tested it.

This makes me confident that when you buy equipment and accessories from Moonboon, it is of the highest quality.